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Discovery Group for Men:
Relationally-Focused Recovery Coaching

Almost every day, we hear this question from women: “Where do I find a men’s group that will help my husband get sober and healthy—ideally one that won’t involve throwing ME under the bus?!” We also hear a similar question from men, asking, “Where do I find a group that won’t ONLY address my sexual acting out, but will also help me heal from my own trauma—the stuff that seems to keep me stuck in patterns of hurting myself and my loved ones?"


Historically, our response has been disheartening, because so few men’s groups are trauma-focused, partner-sensitive and professionally facilitated. Fewer still are affordable and accessible, leaving couples unsure where to turn next.


Lucky for us all, CORE likes a challenge. One day we woke up, looked at each other, and said: “What are we waiting for? Let’s do this thing.” 


And so we did.

Relationships x 2

Facilitated by a team of carefully selected, trained and supervised recovery coaches, CORE Discovery Group provides a unique and imperative approach to sex addiction recovery—one that is fundamentally focused on healing your two most important relationships: (1) the relationship you share with your intimate partner, and (2) the relationship you share with yourself. CORE refers to this as the “we-ness©” model for relationship recovery; we believe that it IS possible to repair your life and your relationships at the same time.

Why “We-Ness©?”

Sharon and James describe it like this: “When men take positive action to support their wives’ healing, they are automatically acting in service to their own higher selves.” In other words, doing what’s good for her WILL be good for you. 


Ready for a little “tough love" truth bomb? Our experience suggests that when men passively distance themselves from their partners’ healing, they’re actively continuing to perpetrate harm. “If you’re not stepping up to help your wife heal,” Sharon and James continue, “you remain at the core of an ongoing problem. Frankly, that’s NOT recovery."

Both, Not Either/Or

Make no mistake: getting (and staying) sexually sober is your TOP recovery task. Without that progress, you’re stuck on square one. Because we know sobriety is your first order of business, our coaches are equipped to support you through that effort with insight, understanding and genuine compassion. As you grow in your sexual sobriety and emotional maturity, our team will coach you through CORE’s four areas of clinical expertise: trauma, betrayal, compulsive sexual behavior and intimacy avoidance. 

Unlike many recovery programs, we believe that you CAN do two things at at once: we know you’ve got the capacity to get and stay sexually sober AND heal your relationships, all at the same time. No it’s not easy. Recovery and discovery rarely are. Yet as you seek to live in deeper integrity and authenticity, you will discover that you CAN do hard things. And we’ll be with you, each step of the way.

We Bring the “We-Ness©” to You!

Let’s be honest: you’ve probably used the internet in ways you regret. Why not start using the the internet to reclaim you integrity? Because our clients live over the world, CORE Discovery Group sessions are exclusively ONLINE—which means that you can participate from wherever YOU are. With multiple online sessions weekly (and more coming soon), our coaches will help you integrate relational work into the very fabric of your sexual sobriety and life in recovery. You don’t need to visit Florida for this one; you just need a phone or internet connection! 

Ready to Move from Recovery to Discovery?

CORE Men's Discovery Group offers three weekly sessions (morning, midday and evening) for one monthly group fee. For more details re schedule, cost, coaches and more, please call or email the office: 561-345-3510 or

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