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Reviews & Testimonials

Dear Sharon, James and Gaelyn, I thank God every day you are in my life and the lives of all the women you’ve helped and supported and still do when we feel weak and can’t breathe; educating and encouraging us when we are feeling confused and in doubt; embracing us when we feel unloved and unsafe; reaching out to us when we are feeling abandoned and alone; guiding us when we are in the dark and paralyzed; crying and praying with us and for us each step of the way. You are a beacon when we can’t see; you listen to us when we feel unheard and not understood; you carry us when we cant walk; you never give up on us when we feel like giving up on ourselves. Even giving us tough love when we need it most. You encourage and instill in us to believe we can and will survive, that we are precious and beautiful souls inside and out, that we are a gift in this universe even when we doubt ourselves. You are such an incredible blessing to us all. xoxoxo

"The most valuable message that I learned is that I have a voice, and when I am in my truth, that is where I am safest."

"I am not who I used to be. I have passed that point in my life thanks to CORE's trauma IOP."

"I cannot express in words how much CORE has supported and loved me throughout this turbulent period of my life. The staff has been so accommodating and loving, it honestly makes me want to cry."

"Sharon, James and Ivana have given me a whole new perspective and tools for my recovery. They are dedicated and caring. Thank you all!"

"I have been in and out of treatment many times and I have never learned as much as I have with CORE."

"The therapy and knowledge CORE teaches has enriched my life 100 percent. I have been given a deeper level of understanding of my core issues, and have been given a wide range of therapeutic tools that successfully stops and arrests my self-destructive behaviors." 

"Dynamic therapists. I wish I could have stayed longer."

"The individuals at CORE, both professionals and peers, have been invaluable to me these past few months. Reaching out to others with similar experience for emotional support, learning the complexities involved in trauma and addiction, and recognizing the importance of and implementing self-care are but a few of the tools necessary for healing that have been stressed in my sessions at CORE."

"Love you guys! My therapists were fearless, using their hearts and souls."

"During my week long intensive, I felt safe and cared for. The treatment experience was phenomenal."

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"The therapy offered at CORE is no doubt a cutting edge modality that transcends  thoughts and concepts; CORE allows for an actual, real-world application to take place. CORE has successfully treated my inner-most wounds and has shifted my life's trajectory toward a plateau of healing, love and oneness. THANK YOU, CORE, for giving me my life back."

"Nothing could have prepared me for the devastation of betrayal trauma, and I am learning, with CORE's help, that I am important and my healing is vital."

"We are grateful for the expertise of James, Sharon and Ivana while we navigate through this journey. Their innovative approach has brought a new awareness of "self" and healing. Thank you, CORE!"

"I feel my feelings in by body now because of the way CORE treats all of my problems."

"Recent positive changes I have seen in my husband seem authentic, and I can only attribute this to his response to the hardworking team at CORE. Through their personal experiences, ongoing trainings, and involvement in the specialized therapeutic community of trauma and addiction, the team at CORE is highly skilled at helping my husband and me look deep within ourselves and gain insight. We have begun to create healthy boundaries for ourselves, so that we may experience a fuller, more satisfying journey as we heal."

Professional Testimonial*

"CORE blends its expertise of cutting-edge research on Sex & Love Addiction, and years of clinical savvy, with a boundaried and open-hearted approach to treating partner betrayal trauma. CORE's approach helps partners understand their maladaptive schemas that have made them vulnerable to tolerating unacceptable behavior. Without ever blaming partners, the therapists at CORE skillfully empower clients to find their voice, and begin showing up for themselves. The experience at CORE was transformative for my patient and I will be referring to them again." 

Professional Testimonial*

"Having searched for over a year to find a suitable partners intensive for clients who would need a higher level of care along their journey, I received a glowing recommendation from my former supervisor stating that CORE was among his top picks. It turned out to be one of the most fortuitous connections for me. The therapists at CORE are not only gifted in empathy, but have a depth of experience that give them many tools from which to draw for even the most profound traumatic conditions. Moreover, they have a personal balance that is evident as their own “default”: the ability to re-center after going the extra mile, even unexpectedly, with clients. The therapists at CORE have an astonishing ability to flow during their sessions with a mixture of clinical skills, level-headedness, and spiritual intuition that has taken my client and others to places that prove to be critical and life-saving for them and for their children."

*Professionals can be reached as references upon request.

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