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Re Coupling©

"Making your coupleship a priority is not complicated; People who come to us have complex lives that we help simplify or clarify through a relational perspective"
                                        ~ Sharon & James

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Be Heard - Be Seen - Be Understood
Be Loved

Let us guide you from the earliest places of devastation, distance and loneliness to the bliss of connectedness where both of you speak the same language, want to connect above all else...

and know how to do it. 


You are not salvaging what once was. Instead, as a couple, you are healing and intentfully collaborating; creating an entirely new relationship with the freedom to love each other for who you are.


Within our We-Ness Model®, our work with you can be thought of in two phases: Hope For Us and All About Us;


The first stage (Hope For Us) will help you first with healing the pain and creating empathy, establishing trust,  learning communication, connection and real intimacy progressively moving into the second stage of deeper, extensive Re-Coupling® where growth is


All About You as a couple

Be Heard - Seen...

"In a coupleship there cannot be a power differential; a relationship, by definition, is a two-way street - emotionally, compassionately, empathetically"
                   - James

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Our We-ness Model ®

Our WE-ness model shows the stages of healing that couples progress through in their process with us and what needs to happen at each stage in order to Re-Couple®

We-ness Model

"You all have to be safe before you can “Re-meet”"
~ Sharon

Couples Issues List

Issues We Help You Heal

"Ensuring that you are truly heard means considering not only what you want to say but why. Consider how it will be perceived and received and adjust how you say it accordingly" 
~ James

Hope For Us
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Hope For Us

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We call the first stage of Re-Coupling® "Hope For Us" because it is where couples are looking for hope and healing. In this stage, they might be just beginning the healing process or may already have taken positive steps in their recovery but are finding that they have faltered in one facet or another and need guidance and assistance in making some course-corrections or adding more to their process.


This is where a partner finds safety, stability and learns how to set ,and hold,  healthy boundaries in a post-betrayal world.


It is where an actor learns empathy, accountability, and what drove and drives unwanted and inappropriate behaviors - and how to meet those deeper drives in a healthy way. This is where the, often surprising, answer to the question, "Who Am I, really?" begins to reveal itself, changing long held negative core self-beliefs.


As a couple, both learn to communicate effectively, are guided through the first stages of the We-ness model so that they be on their way to healing themselves and, if they choose, to begin to Re Couple   in a commitment to the "We."


"Healthy conversations are to talk about how we feel, not to try to change other people’s minds"
                                     - Sharon

All About Us

Couple Connected Love

Our All About Us is for those couples who are at a level where they are feeling that their recovery has plateaued and they want to learn how they can become closer, more connected and begin to truly blossom as a couple


This is deeper work at a level that invites more connection

than either thought possible - it is Re Coupling©


Individually, it means connecting with long-forgotten, or perhaps never known, parts of yourself, discovering who you are and the deeper, more expansive you that you can share with each other...

This is what it means to be truly known and be held sacred in love and honor

All About Us

"Mutual trust is the knowledge of each other’s truth & the belief that each carries a deep desire for each other’s self-actualization"
- James

What You'll Learn to Help You Heal


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If you're interested in talking with us to see how we can help you,
please send us a message
or call 561-345-3510

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