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What Our Clients Say About Their Experience With Us

Speech Bubble 1.png

                   I showed up on your doorstep a very lost,
confused, injured and unsure woman, cloaked in trauma.

    Today, I stand confident, healing, tough and determined.

My gratitude for you is limitless

Speech Bubble 5 RIGHT.png

After this week,
I know that
I matter
I am worth it



Exclamation Bubble 2 LEFT.png

What I love about you all is that you see me, not the betrayal trauma reactions that I'm having 

Curvy Speech Bubble _edited.png

I learned that I have a voice and I am safest when I am in my truth.
I am not too much!



Speech Bubble 6 Square LEFT_edited.png

  The quality of your staff exceeded our expectations. The interactions with us were of love, caring and respect. All of which, when emulated in a therapeutic setting like yours, brings peace and tranquility to patients who are anxious and confused.
Thank you all for sharing that gift with us;
it was so important

Speech Bubble 7 Heart_edited.png
Speech Bubble 2_edited.png

  There are really no words that could adequately describe the shift that happened. Their magic is in their ability to bring out the best in us so that we can do the work that needs to be done

We are healing!
We are actually healing!

Speech Bubble 1.png


Speech Bubble 8 Triple LEFT.png

You laid out a direction I needed to go to heal my Intimacy Issues and you gently guided me to that place...
I never felt rushed

When I went down the wrong path, and you all gently lead me back,
I felt respected and honored

Exclamation Bubble 2_edited.png

I will never forget
the love and gentle care
both Sharon and James, and everybody
I interacted with,
have shown me
throughout this entire

Your realness and directness opened me up to know that
       I can actually change,  that I can believe in myself,
                     and that it isn't too late for me.

Maybe the most powerful part was your belief in me
and the hope you all had in me.
I never ever had that for me before now.
What you helped me discover about myself is profound

I have learned to get
      out of my own way
           and to ask for help

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