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Our customized Intensives, which focus
exclusively on you,

are an invitation for you tojump-start your healing, propelling you toward the
sustainable emotional growth and recovery
of the "We"
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Why An Intensive?

Therapy intensives are concentrated opportunities for clients to tackle a meaningful, measurable amount of therapy in record time: During a therapy intensive here at CORE, clients spend 6-8 hours a day with our team, usually for a sequential period of 5-14 days although we have provided shorter, or longer intensives depending upon the issue at hand, your needs or wishes... We will discuss with you what we feel the optimal length of time for your customized intensive will be.


     Therapy intensives can meet a wide variety of needs, from broadly introducing a specialized topic (such as addiction, trauma or relational healing) to focusing on a specific crisis or unwanted behavior.


     Therapy intensives will motivate, accelerate and invigorate your quest toward inner health, with results that rarely materialize from traditional weekly therapy. Intensives are an invitation for you to jump-start your healing, surging your way toward sustainable emotional growth and recovery. 

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Here at CORE, an “exclusive” intensive means that YOU - as an individual or couple - will be working alone with our team during the days you spend in our center. We never schedule more than one intensive at any given time, which makes YOU our primary focus during your time with us at CORE.


All of the work you’ll do with our team is about YOU, resulting in the greatest possible degree of focus and flexibility for your treatment.


Exclusive intensives offer the highest level of customized care available and are scheduled according to your availability - they can often be arranged with minimal lead time.


Depending upon your needs, we'll have you work closely with one to three members of our treatment team at any given time -creating a uniquely high staff-to-client ratio, one for which CORE has developed an extremely positive reputation. 


Our Intensives

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For Couples who are early in their journey of recovery and may need help establishing safety, boundaries or processing the grief that follows disclosure:


An intensive therapeutic experience can help you embark on your journey to wholeness


Our customized Couples Relational Healing intensives use our We-ness® model to help you reach the intimacy-building milestones of commitment, connection, collaboration and creation of your coupleship - together. 



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For Couples who are wanting to take their relationship recovery to the next level or are finding that they are plateauing or stuck in their recovery & growth process:


An intensive therapeutic experience can help accelerate, break-through and open a new dimension to your healing


Our Couples Transformational Healing intensives use our We-ness® model to combine Intimacy-Building techniques, Relational Trauma work, Transformational Communication skill-building, and interpersonal Relationship Support tools for a customized experience designed to help you create and reach your collective vision and purpose in your relationship.

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 Recovery Kickstart

For those with Problematic
Sexual & Intimacy Behaviors

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For those who are just beginning their healing journey from their acting-out behaviors we will help you start your sobriety and recovery from acting-out behaviors by developing your relational recovery concurrent with your behavioral recovery.

This way you build a far stronger foundation for your complete recovery that also gives you the best hope of you help heal your partner.

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 Betrayal Trauma
Foundational Healing
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Whether you have just discovered your partner's betrayal or are struggling with recovering your sense of self, ability to trust, or continue to experience relational issues with your partner, joining us for an intensive that is attentive to your needs, and gives you the loving care you deserve to help you feel a sense of safety, and begin the journey back to your Self.


We will connect and collaborate with you to create an intensive that exclusively meets your needs and gives you what you need to empower and elevate you.

Post-Traumatic Growth
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Relational Recovery

For those with Problematic Sexual & Intimacy Behaviors

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For those who have established their basic behavioral recovery and are finding that their relationship just isn't improving despite their efforts to change, what is likely missing is the relational component... which is our specialty.


We will create an intensive customized in collaboration with you, with input from your therapist and your partner to help you understand, build a foundation and launch into your relational recovery.

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 Post-Traumatic Growth
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Safety is not the destination. In a post-traumatic growth intensive with us, you can learn how to move forward into true blossoming of your Self. This Empowerment journey is moving into Brave Space and we are here to walk with you. We know it, we have done it and our experience, knowledge and love is there for you when you decide it is your time.

This is not an indulgence - it is a necessity. It is what you truly deserve. We help you manifest your true light because we see you and believe in you and want you to have a new, redefined you - to experience what we have received in our own journey.

Intimacy Adversity

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We help you discover and heal that which caused the blocks and, seemingly, insurmountable walls to connection that no matter how much you have wanted, or tried, to overcome - the ones that leave you or your partner feeling unable to reach the other, distanced, not present, and alone.


An intensive with us can move you toward comfort with intimate connection by being with you, hearing you.... connecting with you.


We provide a tailored, companioned© therapeutic experience rather than solely educational or talk-processed event.


Finally, you can be here, in the now, completely with the person next to you.


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Our childhood attachment style, while not fixed, does affect how we relate to others as we progress through our life and will (if not changed along the way), generally, be our default style of attachment

(attachment can change in reaction to the moment)

The healthiest style is “Secure” as this means we are connected, which is a deep human need.


Our intensives help you discover what style is your current, your default (original and changed, if applicable), and your reactive style(s) and help you move toward and empowered, secure attachment with others and your Self.

Advanced Couples
Come Home To Yourself

Advanced Couples Growth

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Rejuvenate your Coupleship...

This is deeper connection work at a level that invites more connection than either thought possible.


Find out what it means to be truly known and have that held sacred in love and honor by each other

Come Home To

Family of Origin

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Along the way, we tend to lose touch with who we truly are; often feeling adrift and unsettled – disconnected from something not quite identifiable. That “something” is our true selves.


This can lead us into fear of being who we are, and showing ourselves - our whole selves - to the world: hiding parts of us for fear of judgment, rejection, not fitting in, being unacceptable, unlovable, unworthy and having few choices...

But we cannot get rid of parts of ourselves – and trying to do so leads to unhappiness, disruption, anxiety… hardly ever quite feeling right.


We help you find you, accept you and delight in you. We help you get to a place where your whole self is an integrated self

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If you're interested in talking with us to see how we can help you,
please send us a message
or call 561-345-3510

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