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If there’s one thing we’ve learned since opening CORE Relationship Recovery, it’s this:


Therapy INTENSIVES are what WE do best. 


We know it. 

Clients feel it. 

Colleagues confirm it. 


And so, in typical CORE fashion, we’ve rolled up our sleeves, kicked it up a notch (or six), and poured our hearts and souls into making therapy intensives the focal point of our clinical work. Wondering what that looks like? Check it out:

What IS an “intensive," anyway?
Therapy intensives are concentrated opportunities for clients to tackle a meaningful, measurable amount of therapy in record time. During a therapy intensive here at CORE, clients spend 6-8 hours a day with our team, usually for a sequential period of 5-14 days. Therapy intensives can meet a wide variety of needs, from broadly introducing a specialized topic (such as a addiction, trauma or relationships) to narrowly diving into the specifics of one particular relationship, crisis or unwanted behavior.


Intensives aren’t a therapeutic shortcut, and they’re not a quick fix. We don’t promise miracle cures, and we don’t prescribe prepackaged remedies. What we DO promise is that therapy intensives will motivate, accelerate and invigorate your quest toward inner health, with results that rarely materialize from traditional weekly therapy. Intensives are an invitation for you to jump-start your healing, surging your way toward sustainable emotional growth and recovery. 

What issues get addressed in CORE’s therapy intensives? 
As our name suggests, CORE Relationship Recovery is about recovering (or discovering) the heart and soul of our human relationships. Most often, clients seek our help to repair some kind of interpersonal trauma—harms that are suffered, inflicted or shared between lovers, relatives or friends. Common themes for CORE therapy intensives include:

  • Sex and Love Addiction

  • Betrayal Trauma and Relational Trauma

  • Infidelity and Other Problematic Sexual, Relational and Intimacy Behaviors

  • Intimacy Avoidance

  • Past Trauma, including Family of Origin Trauma


What makes CORE’s therapy intensives different from those provided by other treatment centers? 

  • CORE is NOT a residential (inpatient) treatment center. This allows you to select from a broad spectrum of local accommodations, with options to balance cost, comfort and convenience for your housing, meals and transportation. We provide clear and helpful suggestions, based upon the recommendations of previous out-of-town clients. 

  • CORE is a small facility—and that’s by choice. We accept very few local clients for traditional weekly sessions, keeping our calendar as clear as possible for exclusive and small-group therapy intensives. We never schedule more than one intensive at any given time, which makes YOU our primary focus during your time with us at CORE. Depending upon your needs, we'll have you work closely with one to three members of our treatment team—creating a uniquely high staff-to-client ratio, one for which CORE has developed an extremely positive reputation. 

  • CORE doesn’t rely on traditional talk therapy—because experience has taught us that, by the time clients reach us, they’ve usually already talked through their issues for years, often to the point of fatigue and frustration. That’s why we incorporate a variety of creative, right-brain and integrative modalities into our intensives: adventure therapy, art therapy, canine therapy, EMDR, life coaching, massage therapy, play therapy, sandtray therapy and more.

  • CORE is proud to offer whole-family therapy intensives for our clients—something very few facilities in the country are staffed, equipped and qualified to do. This means we provide therapy for children ages 3 and up, in conjunction with parental treatment here at CORE. 

  • Most importantly...CORE doesn’t do anything “one size fits all.” It’s not who we are, and it’s not how we work. Experience has taught us that every single individual, couple and family who walk through our doors is unique—so we design YOUR therapy intensive around YOU, not the other way around. Even our small-group intensives (shared with 2-5 other participants) are thoughtfully balanced and choreographed, customized to meet the deepest and most pressing needs of every participant. As a team, we have decades of experience managing individual and group treatment plans, allowing us to co-create some “big-picture” goals, while pivoting “in-the-moment” (to address unexpected issues) when they arise, as often as necessary. The end result is that YOUR intensive will meet YOUR needs, every time. 


What is the difference between exclusive and small-group intensives?

Here at CORE, an “exclusive” intensive means that YOU—as an individual, couple or family—will be working alone with our team during the days you spend in our center. All of the work you’ll do with our team is about YOU, resulting in the greatest possible degree of focus and flexibility for your treatment. Exclusive intensives are scheduled according to your availability, and can often be arranged with minimal lead time. We recommend exclusive intensives for clients who desire or require the highest level of customized care, those who are in extreme crisis, and those who can invest a significant amount of time and money into treatment. 

Our small-group intensives for couples involve both parties within a relationship. By contrast, our men’s and women’s small-group intensives are limited to participants of the same gender who share similar relationship situations. While we do provide a limited number of individual sessions during our small-group intensives, (when circumstances invite or require it), you’ll spend the majority of your time at CORE in the company of your group companions. We currently schedule small-group intensives every few months, with varying topics, dates and availability. We recommend small-group intensives for clients who prefer a communal healing experience, those who can wait for our next scheduled session, and those for whom exclusive intensives are cost-prohibitive. 


For details about our currently scheduled small-group intensives, click here.

What happens before and after my intensive?
When you schedule an exclusive or small-group intensive, we’ll ask you to take several online assessments before you arrive. This information will help us to prepare an ideal starting place, allowing us to hit the ground running on Day One. Depending upon the amount of lead time before your intensive, we may also suggest a few pre-intensive sessions, possibly including your partner and/or alternate members of our treatment team. After your intensive, we will provide aftercare recommendations to your referring therapist or coach (if applicable), allowing you to resume ongoing work close to home. Many clients return to CORE for followup intensives, to address progressive stages of healing or deeper work as individuals or couples.


So, where do we start?
Call or email our office to schedule a free, initial consultation with 1-3 members of our clinical team. During these 30 minutes, we’ll ask key questions designed to help us get to know you and your situation, clarifying which specific issues you want to address. We’ll answer whichever questions you have for us, and we’ll offer you our best clinical recommendation for which type of intensive (exclusive or small-group) and length (number of days) would best suit your needs. If you’ve been referred to us by another helping professional (therapist, coach, clergy, etc), we’ll ask your permission to include that person in your initial consultation; we find this creates the best, most efficient provision and continuity of care for you.


Please contact us via email ( or telephone (561-345-3510) to get the ball rolling!

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