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"If there is any message we can give to people, it is that there is hope for you. There is hope for him. There is hope for you as a couple. As long as you are breathing, there is still hope. We get to create the life that we want by taking action, every minute of every day."
   - James & Sharon

Home: Why Us

Why Us?

We see People, not problems…


…So, we create unique, completely customized, healing intensives & programs full of emotional hospitality to give you a chance at the happy life you deserve;

No formulas, no generic approaches, no fitting you into a mold...

Because you are not everyone else

...and You are our total focus while you are with us.


We Are About Relational Healing:


In our Hope-for-Us stage of recovery, we guide you through the earliest stages of finding safety & stability

while helping you, individually and as a couple,

understand what is, and has been, happening... and Why.


You'll learn to make healthy decisions, for yourself and your coupleship, that include:

  • Making, keeping, and respecting boundaries

  • Learning effective and safe ways to communicate in the early phases through to advanced recovery and growth. 


In our All-About-Us stage of our ReCoupling work you will find that you are not trying to just fix, or return to, what once was. Instead you are healing and intentfully collaborating on creating an entirely new relationship.  

Using our unique approach, we help you, as a couple, see, understand and work with your differences; honoring and holding each other in awe and wonder while learning how to collaboratively and lovingly connect.

"Intimacy is not just about romantic relationships. It’s about how you relate to other people.”
                                              - James

"Lots of times people say, 'we want to get back this coupleship that we had.' But no, you really don’t. You don’t want any part of that. You want to be something new."
- Sharon

Our Break-through WE-ness Model  is a Collaborative, Relationally-Focused, Trauma-informed and Compassion-based therapeutic approach that uses the latest in Neuroscience and couples-Attachment research.






Our multi-dimensional, team-approach is fluid and flexes with your unique, personal needs.
It is specifically designed to help couples heal, connect and fully actualize the promise of their unity when they first fell in love...    "ReCoupling

We are honored to help couples, partners and actors recover from the damage caused by problematic sexual & intimacy behavior, including sex and pornography addiction.
Home: We-ness

"We're going to hold a safe place for your coupleship until you can"
    - Sharon


Our Difference

“You have to be really brave to go down this road of recovery.
It is hard work. And it is worth every second of it."

 - James

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"As you integrate your trauma it stops controlling you"
                                    - Sharon

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"Without clarity you don't have choices"
                      - James

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