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Who Are We and
Why Choose Us To Help You?

We see people, not problems…


…so, we create unique, completely customized healing intensives full of emotional hospitality exclusively for you based on your specific needs. No formulas, no generic approaches, no fitting you into a mold; because you are not everyone else. You are you, and you will be our focus while you are with us.

We see you for who you want to be and we hold that vision safely for you, until you can live it for yourself. This cannot be done formulaically, as it is in most treatment centers, where their process is unable to reach the depths that create true, sustainable change. You, the individual or couple, deserve to receive the individual attention we provide. At CORE, we are with you every step of the way. Sharon and James are working with you exclusively for the majority of the time; only turning you over to one of our care team professionals for specific work that fits your needs.

We call the transformative change that we see in so many of our intensive clients normal; so many of our clients call them “miracles.” It is really something to see a couple, or an individual, shift into a whole new way of feeling, and being in their relationships with open, healthier hearts. This is why we do what we do; to help people make the shift that changed us and our now magical marriage.

We meet you where you are and help walk you  - companion you - to your best life. Each intensive is such a special and original process that we cannot imagine having specific scripts or planned days as this would feel like making a shoe that was an average of all the foot sizes in the world and everyone had to wear them. There are plenty of one-size-fits-all centers out there… your circumstances were created by highly personalized issues that were created by specific individual lives histories that our own research has shown requires the fluid, flexible and connective approach that we provide.

The majority of our intensive clients are sent to us from professionals who know and value our creative style and success. Most of our clients who are not referred to us by a professional, are sent to us by current, or past, clients who send people they care about because of their own amazing, and life-altering, changes.

We can provide this unique, all-about-you, approach because our team has, literally, multiple decades of experience and knowledge in a multitude of cutting-edge neuro-dynamic and trauma-focused approaches that allow us to use tools that fit, like puzzle pieces, with your learning style, your personality, and your, and your family’s, situation.

We have taken all that we learned in our own traumatic journey, coupled with our mental health, intimacy, relational & trauma therapy specialties and used that knowledge to help us invent other therapeutic ingredients to help you. With our compassionate and Companioning® style of therapy, you and your coupleship can find a beautiful, balanced, caring place of your own; within your whole selves and in your connected coupleship. We call this whole process “Re-Coupling®” that uses our We-ness® model as a map, with milestones and landmarks, to show you where you are in the process and help you move toward health and each other as quickly as possible.

To help you clarify your goals and healing that you can achieve with our help through an intensive, please

send us an email or give us a call....

If you're interested in talking with us to see how we can help you,
please send us a message
or call 561-345-3510

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